Pumpkin Patch
Lazy Acres Christmas tree farm was founded in 1980 by Raburn and Shirley May.

The farm was purchased in 2001 by Michael and Cathy May. A Pumpkin Patch was added in 2002 and the farm officially became Lazy Acres Plantation.

Raburn and Shirley May purchased a 120 acre farm near Chunky, MS in 1974. The couple, along with their two children, Michael and Pam, set about clearing the land and building fences to raise cattle.

The idea for starting a Christmas tree farm was given to them by Raburn's sister, Hazel Grafton, during a visit to her farm in Nacogdoches, TX.  Raburn, who worked for the MS Air National Guard, and Shirley, a registered nurse, realized they would soon have two children in college and that an extra income would be needed.  Shirley particularly liked the idea of growing Christmas trees because as she put it, “Christmas trees don’t tear through fences like cows do.”

The first trees (Virginia pine) were planted in January, 1980. In 1981, Lazy Acres sold its first tree, a small table top Virginia pine. Larger trees were brought in from Texas to encourage customers to visit the farm.

Two large "sleighs" were added in 1983 to assist customers in getting their tree in from the field. A flock machine was purchased and put into service in 1985.

On July 19, 1988, Raburn and Shirley ventured to Nome, Alaska, and purchased three reindeer for the farm.  On July 26, 1988, Dasher, Dancer, and Rudolph landed on Mississippi soil.

During the Christmas season of 1991, Leyland cypress trees were sold for the first time at Lazy Acres.  Today they are the mainstay of the operation.

Following twenty years in the Christmas tree business, Raburn and Shirley retired in December 2000. Michael and Cathy May purchased the farm from his parents in January 2001.

A Pumpkin Patch and corn maze was added to the farm in the fall of 2002 and the farm was renamed Lazy Acres Plantation, LLC to reflect the expanded operations. Each year thousands of children tour Lazy Acres and learn about pumpkins and Christmas trees.