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What Is The Admission For
Field Trips?



Our field trips are age appropriate for children up to 3rd grade. GROUP RATE admission for reserved field trips is $10.00/person. One teacher per 10 paying students is FREE. Children 2 and under are free as long as they are not getting a pumpkin. Paid admission FOR STUDENTS includes a souvenir pumpkin bag and a child-size pumpkin. 


NOTICE: Any parents or chaperones NOT paying through the group will be required to pay the GENERAL admission price (onLINE $16.95; GATE $20.95). iN AN EFFORT TO KEEP OUR student ADMISSION PRICES LOW, THE ADULT ADMISSION does NOT INCLUDE A PUMPKIN.

Are Food/Concessions Available?  

Yes, our concession area is open. Groups may pre-order hamburger ($6.00) or hotdog ($5.00) meals (includes hamburger or hotdog, chips, and child size drink) for your children. Please notify us at least 3 days in advance with your final numbers. Parents and teachers are encouraged to place their orders at the concession window. Groups on field trips are welcome to bring their own lunch. We have several picnic areas available.

A young girl drinking from her Lazy Acres water bottle as she laughs at the camera.

How Should I Prepare
For The Tour?

  • First, be sure to wear your farm duds. Having fun on the farm sometimes means you might get a little dirty.

  • We are a farm and sometimes folks have allergies to hay and farm animals. You may want to bring allergy medicine such as Benadryl.

  • There are lots of photo opportunities so don’t forget a camera.

  • Each child will receive a cloth bag for their pumpkin. You may want to bring a permanent marker (or two) to write their name on their bag.

What do I do when I arrive?

Look for the big sign that says "ENTRANCE" on our admission barn. Please keep ALL of your children on the bus or in the parking area until we get you checked in.


Unless you are paying with one check for the entire group, it works best to have one teacher from each class bring their money to the Admission Barn and purchase admission. Teachers, please double check and make sure we have given you all of your stickers and bags BEFORE you leave the Admission Barn!  Once you leave with your stickers and bags, if you find you are short, you will have to purchase any additional admissions you may need.


After purchasing the admission stickers for your group, please return to the parking area and put them on your students and parents. Your tour will begin shortly after everyone has been checked in. Do NOT pass out your pumpkin bags UNTIL you reach the pumpkin patch.  Parents/chaperones are encouraged to pay admission through the school to receive the discounted admission rate. anyone not paying with the group will be required to pay the regular admission rate. 



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